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SOLO by MACL helps people be their own healthcare advocate. With SOLO, you can quickly and independently order personal lab testing for your eyes only at an affordable price.

Download and complete the form at the link below to order your SOLO lab test. Bring the completed form to any MACL Patient Care Center.

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Your health is of the utmost importance. Taking care of yourself means you need reliable answers that are simple to access, delivered quickly and kept confidential. We developed SOLO by MACL to provide anyone with answers to health questions that meet those needs at an affordable price. When you go SOLO, you get answers.



Do I need Physician authorization for self-ordered lab testing?

No. Indiana individuals can order lab testing on themselves. Although clinical laboratories are not required to offer this service, the laboratory performing the test can choose to accept self-ordered tests. MACL accepts self-ordered testing for a limited but comprehensive number laboratory of tests.


Why is lab testing important?

Routine lab testing, like routine physician visits, is an important part of proactively managing or monitoring your healthcare. MACL is offering self-ordered testing as an option for patients who want to take an active role in the management of their healthcare and are seeking reliable, affordable and private testing options. Below are a few reasons patients may utilize self-ordered testing:

  1. Staying healthy: Tests often help expose risk factors - important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes to keep you well.
  2. Early detection: Changes in your health may only become noticeable over time. Testing can help you identify these potential health conditions early. In general, the earlier a developing condition is detected, the greater the likelihood that your doctor can treat it.
  3. Family history: If you have certain concerns due to your family history, lab tests can help monitor those conditions.
  4. Peace of mind: If you've made lifestyle changes to improve your health, testing can show how successful your efforts have been.

What tests can I order and how much do they cost?

All the tests available for order can be found by clicking the button below and downloading the self-order form which includes all applicable pricing. In addition, a $5.00 draw fee will be added to each order. For your convenience, you can also visit a MACL Patient Care Center (PCC) and ask a MACL associate for the SOLO self-order form.



Who pays for Self-ordered testing?

You are financially responsible for all self-ordered tests. SOLO by MACL testing is not billed to your health plan or physician because they did not order the tests. For your convenience, MACL accepts many payment options including credit cards, debit cards, or money orders. You may also be able to pay using your health savings account. We recommend you confirm with your health savings provider if you are unsure of coverage. Please note, MACL cannot accept cash.


What tests should I order?

MACL cannot provide guidance for which tests you should order. You can find information regarding various lab tests on the MACL website or another healthcare organization. We recommend you always seek medical advice and oversight from your primary physician.


Where can I have my sample collected?

Specimens must be collected at a MACL Patient Care Center (PCC). To find a nearby PCC, please visit and search for the nearest location.


Do I need to make an appointment to have my blood drawn at a Patient Care Center?

No. MACL does not currently offer appointment scheduling. However, our goal is to provide service to all patients within 20 minutes of their arrival. Most PCC sites are busy early in the morning due to fasting requirements; if your tests do not require fasting, we recommend visiting us later in the day.


What should I expect when i arrive for a blood draw?

When you visit a MACL Patient Care Center (PCC) for a self-ordered lab test you should plan for the following:

  • Bring your completed lab order form or fill one out at our draw site and present it to the MACL associate at the front desk along with your photo ID.
  • Be prepared to pay for your lab tests in full prior to your draw; no partial payments will be accepted.
    • Please note a hold will be placed on your card, no charges will be applied until your tests are completed.
  • If you are ordering a test marked 'Fasting' you will be asked to confirm you have not eaten or drank anything except water in the past 8 hours.

When will the results be ready?

Your results will be available through the online My QuestTM patient portal within 7-10 business days. You must register an account, if you do not have one already, and will be alerted via email when your results are ready. It is important that you utilize your full legal name on both the order form and the online registration so we are able to accurately match your account to your results.


What if one of my results is abnormal?

There is a possibly that one or more of your results could be abnormal. For the next appropriate steps to be taken we recommend you consult your physician for assistance in interpreting your result values. MACL is not able to provide any medical advice.

If you have what MACL defines as a critical result, a MACL representative will contact you at the phone number provided on the order form as soon as the result is reported. Again, once that result is provided, it is your responsibility to seek medical counsel for the next appropriate steps to take in your care.


How can i receive my test results?

Through our partnership with Quest Diagnostics, your results will only be available on the My QuestTM patient portal. Brochures and informational instructions are available at all MACL PCC locations. To access the site please visit the My QuestTM Patient Portal at When you register you will be prompted to enter your information and confirm your identity.

It is important that you utilize your full legal name on both the order form and the online registration so we are able to accurately match your account to your results. If you have any trouble with setup or accessing results please email the support team via the Contact Us portion of the webpage.

Download the Patient Registration Step-by-Step Guide


Does MACL send a copy of my results to my physician?

No. When patients choose to self-order lab tests they assume responsibility for obtaining their results and contacting a physician as necessary. MACL will not send results to a physician; patients are not able to make that request at the time of the order.


Will MACL release my results to any other healthcare entities?

MACL is required by law to report Reportable Communicable Diseases to the Indiana State Department of Health. These tests are marked with an asterisk and identified on the order form.


Will macl draw my labs if I have a past due balance?

If you have a past due balance from a previous MACL date of service, you will be required to make a minimum payment based on your outstanding balance before you can receive future services. If you have any questions please call our customer service department at 1-800-667-5185 to reach our Patient Billing Customer Service department.


Download and complete the form at the link below to order your SOLO lab test. Bring the completed form to any MACL Patient Care Center.



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